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Lake Champlain | New York

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Sandy beaches, historic homes, campground, ice cream shop, golf club, and ferry dock trim this waterfront hamlet.

Port Kent has a rich history that almost solely resides in a handful of history books. Over time, this site will become a repository for public records, fireside stories, and historical references associated with Port Kent.

This site also appeals the adventurous - encouraging you to break out your paddles, peddles, sail, or hiking shoes and take advantage of everything the area has to offer. Looking for something to do on a beautiful summer weekend or snowy winter's day?.. portkent.org should be your first stop.

NY Times article: The Charms of Lake Champlain - Port Kent. CLICK HERE

PortKent.org has been setup as a non-profit resource for locals and visitors; and even wannabe locals. The resources contained within will grow so please continue to check back for updates.

Port Kent, originally settled by Matthew Adgate in 1792, was acquired via land grant. The Albany businessman's acquisition included land extending up to and including Ausable Falls; constructing mills for production. The nearby village, orignially named Anderson Falls, was renamed in 1812 to Keeseville in honor of Richard Keese (U.S. Congressman) and family.

Port Kent's activity was originally associated with its rail/ferry port, but later became a vacation destination as boarding houses and hotels popped up.

Additional details/pictures can be found on the Vintage page.


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